The feature set has been based entirely upon the requirements, request and feedback that we have received from landlords, centre managers and retailers.

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The dashboard enables retailers and centre management to see the latest activity within their mall at a quick glance.


Retailer sales data

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    Retailers have submitted sales figures for last week

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    Retailers have not submitted figures for this month


Footfall & sales

  • Daily sales collection

    Retailers can enter their daily or weekly sales figures through Ark for collection by centre management, statistical analysis and performance and comparison reporting.

    Footfall reporting

    Moderated footfall data can be provided back to the retailers to show centre performance and centre marketing and event impact.

  • Sales performance reporting

    Automated reports can be generated for centre management to identify centre sales trends, measure against centre events and to provide early identification of ‘at risk’ retailers. Moderated reports can be provided back to the retailers to show their performance year on year, week on week and comparisons to retailer peer group performance and overall centre performance.



Reports can be run for specific periods and filtered by category, retailers and locations. Centre footfall figures are also introduced when comparing performance over time periods. Reports allow for graphical representations of monthly or yearly sales and footfall information and can be compared to past performance and other retailers.

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    Month on month

    Comparing retailers and categories of retailers’ performance on a month-to-month basis. Identifying where some retailers are improving month on month and where some are failing.

  • Sales performance compared to centre footfall

    Retailer performance is reported on an MAT basis, with relation to centre footfall.

  • Sales per square meter

    Sales per square meter are used across many reports as a method of leveling the retailers store sizes.

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    Filter by Area

    This report allows comparison of retailer performance by retail size.

  • Comparison by category

    This report groups retailers by their categories and reports sales figures on a fixed 12 month or Moving Annual Total (MAT) basis. Variances can be highlighted for the same month in the previous year to show falls or gains. When there are 3 or more retailers within a category, they can be provided with an individual report that compares their sales performance per square meter, against other unspecified retailers in their category. These reports can be monthly to allow for comparisons with previous months or years performance.

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    Sales by floor

    This feature is a report that shows sales by floor/location in the centre. This enables centre management to identify hotspots within the centre or dead areas.

  • Footfall

    Basic centre footfall reports are generated. These are on a month -by-month or real time basis and allow for comparisons with footfall levels of the previous year. This report is suitable for both centres that wish to be transparent with regards to these figures and also to those who just wish to give variances.

  • Retailer reports

    These are reports that can be provided to the retailers regarding sales performance and footfall figures.


Messaging system

The messaging system is a quick, easy and measurable way for management and retailers to communicate with each other on a one-to-one or group basis. This streamlines the communication process, reducing costs associated with day-to-day retailer relations. It also provides a communication trail to keep a track of conversations and discussions to review at a later date. 

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Resource booking and scheduling

Advertising/Commercialisation areas, such as poster sites, can be pre-booked online by retailers and centre management.


News & Events

  • Centre news and retailer bulletins

    Centre management can publish news and bulletins via Ark which otherwise may not have been practical to distribute within a manual system.

  • Events calendar

    The events calendar provides retailers with a graphical view of all planned public events, centre marketing activites and retailer specific events.

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Real-time module

The real-time module enables two-way communication in real-time thus allowing centre management and retailers to respond to issues in a timely and recorded manner:

  • Urgent incident alerting – shoplifters, gangs and urgent operational issues are all sent to centre stakeholders and receipt acknowledged for manual follow up where required
  • Lost child reporting – instant notification to all centre staff and management
  • Panic button – for retailers to report issues to security such as theft, gangs etc
  • SMS alerting – alerts directly to retailers’ registered mobile devices
  • Mobile applications – native iOS and Android applications planned for use on client owned devices or dedicated centre supplied hardware






Key holder information

Centre security can have instant access to up to date keyholder information when requiring out-of-hours retailer contact.

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Retailer details management

Retailers can mange their own information such as contact details, store users, store details, categorization, offers, events, job vacancies and key holder information. Where appropriate, this information can be published by centre management to the public facing website and other public information sources. Time savings are realized by centre management through not having to manually collect this information from retailers and keep it up to date.

  • Retailer specific documents (invoices, lease agreements etc.)

    Retailers can securely access their own documents, agreements and invoices related to their tenancy. Cost reductions are realized by reducing requests for document copies from retailers.

  • Helpdesk system

    The helpdesk system enables retailers and centre management to log operational and facility issues which are automatically directed to the correct department. Issues can be managed from start to finish. This system enhances and measures centre performance in resolving issues and increases tenant and stakeholder satisfaction.



  • Retailer user management

    Centre management are required to set up a single master account for each retailer and the retailer can then set up and manage unlimited user accounts for their staff to access Ark from any internet enabled device.

  • Usage reporting

    Centre management can report use across retailers and centre management departments, ensuring predefined response times are adhered to and identifying users who are not utilising the system who may require further training.

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  • Mobile device access

    A mobile optimized version of Ark allows quick and easy access to the main Ark features from any Internet connected Smartphone.

  • External system integration

    Ark will be able to communicate with a selection of popular accounting, footfall reporting and incident management systems.



Documents Library

The document library provides a downloadable selection of general documents and forms required by retailers on a day-to-day basis.

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